3rd International Symposium on Risk Assessment and Sustainable Stability Design of Slopes

Conference Themes

The symposium mainly covers following topics,
but other related topics are also welcome.

  • Simulation of a landslide using Material Point Method

  • Slope stability analysis using GIS

Uncertainty sources of design of slope

Uncertainty of ground motions

Uncertainty of geotechnical parameters

Uncertainty of design models, etc.

Dynamic behaviors of slope

Macroscopic and microcosmic behaviors of slope

Experimental study on the dynamic behaviors of slope

Numerical study on the dynamic behaviors of slope, etc.

Performance-based design method of slopes

Theory of performance-based design method

Principle of selecting performance index

Methods to determine performance standard, etc.

Prospect to the design of slopes in future

Development strategy of design method in future

Core concept of design method in the future

Challenge of design method in the future

Practice of design in major slope project